Thursday, July 31, 2008

my dream car

hi iam driving my dream car......... :-)



we visited a mall last week ... sabhari saw this car and wanted to ride . His sister bought the token for him. While we waited in a queue, a 2 and half year old girl was riding and she was scared and screaming.. Her mother took her out. .. ..Her mother tried to convince her saying "oo baby i gave 25 rs....
When Sabhari saw this, he was scared too ..he saw the car moving fast and said he didnt want to ride. The car was moving side by side ..

We told him that we would just take snaps on the idle car and the car wouldnt move
he was somehow convinced and sat in the car and acted like he is driving.

His sister put the token without telling him. He was confused but enjoyed . Then he gave a stylish pose with the car.