Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Traveling by train

Kids love to travel by train, I felt when brother & sister travel together they become very close to each other. They were enjoying the moments when they travel in train which made us very happy.

The boy in left side is Sabari’s junior in his play school. Once we met them in Chennai train when we travelled together. While talking with his parents we came to know that they were going to the same play school. They both enjoyed the time.

Like his sister sabhari too easily mingle with everybody and make friendship. This time he got a friend ,karthikey. He also a nice boy. He played cards with him.
This January we( sabhari and me ) travelled by train . He got a teddy bear gift. When no kids were around . He imagined the teddy as his friend.. he asks the teddy to tell ... what colour he had to colour .. when the teddy fell down.. he laughs and tells .. "oh teddy are u sleepy ... sit straight.. see how i am colouring this toy..."