Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Brave boy

Using hammer, he tried to burst the role caps . And also he tried to burst it by his shoes. :)
He also tried to write ABCD in the air with the light work... as his sister and friends did...
He bursted flower pot and chakaram .
While he was waiting for his turn He acted like a big boy and said " amma! i am enjoying it....
and too i am not scared.... uuuff! "

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Movie experiences

This is sabhari's first tag post, tag about movies.

Thankyou for the tag Ayilyan.

Sabhari's first movie experience at theater - 23 m pulikesi - comedy movie
The first half he enjoyed well. second half ..he slept.

second movie .. sivaji - rajini movie.. First half he was sleeping. He liked the songs very much.
Since he liked this movie We hit the theater again...for the first half.:-)

Last movie and the third tamil movie is thasavatharam. Thank god ! he saw the 15% of the movie only.
He watches CARS movie at home, he likes racing.
He likes
free willy,
spider man.

We watched 70 mm movieMYSTIC INDIA ( neelkant)giant screen film (15perf/70mm) - showed at akhsardham temple.
The film technology is world class.
when a big lion showed up in the screen, even adults got scared, but sabhari didnt.
He liked the movie very much. And showed interest to see it again.


We visited kalpana chawla planetorium , kuruksethra.
He was exited about the planets.

3 D Movie

He watched 3D movie in Panorama science museum .
He got scared little bit but enjoyed with shivering.The glasses were big for him.

When objects like big snake , Skull appeared near to him he has stiffen his body

Now he scaring us with a toy snake .

"Hey it is 3D magic booooooooo!"